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Keep Calm keeps track of how much you've spent and what day of the budget cycle you're on, what you have remaining and how many days until pay day.

Keep Calm does the rest.

Add each expense as it occurs.  Enter the place and amount.

Enter Expenses as they happen

Set the startdate and frequency.  Daily, Weekly.  Fortnightly. Monthly.  Yearly.   Add in categories likely groceries, dining out, or automobile.

Set up your total budget, time frame, and categories

They kept calm and budgeted on.

Charles Dickens writes rags-to-riches stories so well because he lived one.  Working as a laborer in industrial revolution England, Dickens worked hard and used his immense talent to achieve success.

Jim Carrey worked in factories and as a janitor throughout his childhood.  He pursued his dreams and worked hard.  Now his films regularly gross $500 million.

Andrew Cargenie was born to destitute parents in Scotland.  Through hard work and shrewd business choices, he became the richest man in the world.

Oprah's parents could only afford to dress her in clothes made of potato sacks.  She didn't get a real dress till she was 7!  Now, she's worth over $2 billion.

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