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The Famously Simple Expense App


About a week ago, the next in our line of Famously Simple apps debuted on the App Store. The Famously Simple Expense App is a dead simple app for keeping your work expenses organized. Just tap the main screen to add a new expense report. Then, add photos of your receipts and the place, amount, and a description. The app adds up the expenses for you. When you're ready, click the email button and the app will send you - or your person who processes your expense reports - a single email with a list of all expenses, dates, descriptions, and costs, and with the receipt images attached. Perfect for keeping track, even if you're someone who can't hold onto receipts to save your life!

**NOTE: We noticed that there was a layout issue with version 1.0 of the Expense App. This issue only affects iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users. The issue has been fixed and version 1.01 has been submitted to the app store. The update should go live in a few days (around August 10). Sorry about that.



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